Kit Instructions

 Kit contents:

  • 1 X corrugated outer box lined in a plastic bag
  • 3 X aluminum pans
  • 3 X aluminum lids
  • 2 X layer pads

How to load the kit:

  • Fill each aluminum pan with food, secure lids and label each lid with a 1, 2, or 3
  • Place the aluminum pans inside the bag lining the corrugated outer box with one layer pad in between each pan for support
  • Fill out the contents information on the outside of the corrugated box for each pan, 1, 2, and 3 and tie the bag tightly once all three aluminum pans are inside
  • Seal the box and store refrigerated, or as required, until returning to your LA & SF Specialty driver for donation

Please note – Each kit should be filled (all 3 pans at least 3/4 full) and returned within 2 days to prevent spoilage.

To reorder kits, use LASF item # 15745, “Chefs to End Hunger Kit”

Thank you for helping to end hunger.


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