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Chefs to End Hunger

In 2012, Vesta Foodservice started the non-profit foundation, Chefs to End Hunger, with the mission to facilitate the redistribution of prepared food from hotel, restaurant and other foodservice customers, to local charitable organizations that serve meals to their communities in need. 

The Program

With Vesta Foodservice as the primary benefactor, Chefs to End Hunger is in an optimal position to execute the mission of food recovery. Vesta Foodservice already has trucks delivering to over 2,000 locations daily and will drop off supplies of boxes and foil sheet pans.  Full boxes containing three sheet pans will be picked up from customers daily upon regularly scheduled product delivery without putting more trucks on the road. 


Chefs can participate and do their part to feed the hungry simply by packing and labeling the requisite Chefs to End Hunger boxes, storing them in their coolers, and handing over full boxes to their Vesta Foodservice driver during their regularly scheduled deliveries. Chefs can turn their food waste into a charitable donation AND provide meals to the hungry. 

Chefs to End Hunger


Use of the Chefs to End Hunger logo creates awareness of the program and demonstrates solidarity among chefs in the causes of reducing food waste and feeding the hungry.

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