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Compliance with state organic disposal laws

Cooperation with local ordinances and goals for waste reduction

California must achieve 75% waste diversion by 2020, and the City of LA must achieve 90% waste diversion by 2025.

Chefs to End Hunger
Chefs to End Hunger

Chefs to End Hunger is very unique in the food recovery space. Collaboration across industries is a primary way that we are going to reduce food waste as well as combat food insecurity. First, we have a strong, long-term logistical partner in Vesta Foodservice. Here is a regional wholesale distribution company utilizing its areas of expertise in an alternative market. Because of our access to transportation, warehouse and cold chain logistics, and relationships with thousands of food service operators, restaurants and hotels across our distribution region, we can handle prepared food as well as whole product unfit for sale. We have strong relationships with regional non-profit organizations that we know can handle our quantity of donations efficiently and with minimal waste. The partners also excel at serving their communities. 

Chefs to End Hunger utilizes a state of the art tracking system to account for all inbound and outbound donations. We also have full reporting capabilities that can be tailored to meet your specific needs for data and analytics. 

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