Participation in 1-2-3:

Boxes, Pans, & Labeling: LA & SF Specialty has procured delivery boxes and aluminum pans with lids that will be used to collect, store, and transport meals for donation.  Each “kit” includes an outside cardboard box lined in plastic, three separate aluminum pans with lids (that may each be filled with the same or different contents), and two layer pads to provide extra support between the stacked aluminum pans.  Each kit will have a unique LA & SF proprietary bar code label on it to track donations.  The exterior cardboard box will also have a simple label printed directly on it for chefs to check off useful information about the meal contents of each box within, essentially “Pan 1, Pan 2, and Pan 3.”  Chefs can then label each aluminum pan with a “1, 2, or 3” with a marker directly on the lid to correspond with the contents information.  The contents label on the box is simple:

Introduction of Program / Distribution and Replenishment of Boxes & Pans: Account Reps will visit each participating customer and introduce the Chefs to End Hunger program, present the vision statement, coordinate chef and staff training as required, and setup the account to order donation kits by adding this item to the customer profile.  Donation kits can be ordered online or through customer service, will appear at no charge on the order invoice, and be delivered with the customer’s next order.

Chefs / Customer Role: Participating customers will store the donation kits and start collecting meals for donation in the provided aluminum pans, filling up each pan with a single type of food (e.g. no dessert and lasagna together).  As soon as a customer has three filled aluminum pans with a “1, 2, or 3,” they can load the cardboard box with the layer pads in between each pan, tie the plastic lining to secure the pans, seal the box, and complete the exterior label.  The next time an LA & SF Specialty driver makes a delivery, the customer should hand over the kit to be scanned and tracked using the unique bar code of that kit.

Receipts & Tracking: Use of the proprietary LA & SF Specialty bar coding enables a paperless method for tracking and reporting on donations.  Each month participating customers can receive information on donations to the program through a simple credit report.  In addition to tracking and analyzing individual customer donations, overall program donation volume, details, and impact can be assessed using the data collected through the bar code system.

 Transportation, Warehouse, & Food Bank Drop-Off: LA & SF Specialty drivers will collect and scan Chef to End Hunger boxes when making regular deliveries.  Once they return to the warehouse, these boxes will be consolidated and delivered to the food bank for service or redistribution to various food agencies.


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